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Adam is a visionary. He is an institution reformer and a vigilant leader that through years of careful listening, strategic effort and precise execution has developed reliable education models that have drastically changed the access that marginalized students have to obtaining advanced degrees.

Raised in a single-parent home, Adam kept a keen focus on his education and future and chose to attend college following his high school graduation. As a first-generation college student, Adam quickly learned of the struggles and obstacles that college students face as he struggled and adjusted as an African American student at Drake University. He was subsequently sent home after his second semester at The University of Wisconsin due to inadequate academic performance.  After taking time off and refocusing, Adam went on to graduate from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry.


Because of Adam’s academic struggles and achievements coupled with decades full of notable accomplishments and accolades, Adam is bold, unafraid and on fire to be an advocate and guide to students who are aspiring for greatness who have been historically been overlooked and are aspiring for greatness.


After graduating from Concordia University in 1994, Adam began his career serving in the first cohort of AmeriCorps and was later named Executive Director of the Allied-Dunn Marsh Neighborhood Center in Madison, WI.  



What Adam Offers (Speaking)

Adam is a dynamic motivational speaker whose integrity, expertise and experience create an engaging learning experience for his audience(s).

Some Past Topics of National Speeches Include:


  • It's Our Job, But It's Their Home: Creating Models of Student Success That Build Student Ownership

  • True Inclusion Is Not Merely Counting Heads, It's Making Every Head Count

  • Secrets of Success: Surrounding Yourself With People Who Will Chant Your Name

  • Doin' It With Swag: Navigating Life's Barriers To Success

  • Burn The Boats: Going All In On Your Success

  • Building Super Hero Students, With The Super Powers of Success

  • Watering The Deep & Wide: How To Intentionally Embed Students in The Campus Community & Each Other So That They Can Withstand Anything


Adam offers comprehensive and interactive training's for organizations, students, staff and parents.

These training's focus on:

  • Academic Coaching vs. Advising

  • Developing a Sense of Student Belonging

  • Building your Backpack for College Success for First Generation Students

  • Designing spaces to eliminate barriers to student success

  • Community engagement and empowerment

  • Equity or Equality  -- Diversity or Inclusion

  • Building broad-based community education coalitions

  • TRiO Program Development, Management and Best Practices


For a FREE personalized training program consultation 


Adam offers an array of reliable personal and professional coaching and consulting services.

How he coaches:

  • Adam offers on-going professional and personal coaching for leaders in education as well as the private and public sectors

  • Honest, relatable, results-oriented approach to personal and professional life-coaching, which are grounded in his professional experiences, the personal barriers he's overcome and educational background in pastoral counseling and collegiate coaching.


How he consults:

  • Adam has consulted with organizations like The Urban League, Baldwin Wallace University, Rock Valley College and more

  • Focuses on program audits, grant writing, leadership assessments

  • Conducts student success audits, where Adam and his team will audit all aspects of your institution's student success environment including academic advising, student life, diversity/inclusion, physical space, academic policies/procedures, student services and more.



"Success does not come without risk, relationships, reassurance and a willingness to redefine oneself."


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